Meet the Team

Photo of some of the FRI Team

Some of the FRI team (from the left), Alex Coningham, Louise Broekman, Greg Nathan, Adrian Sunners, Jewli Turier, Ree-Anna King and Katrina Vo.

If you are a client you will be dealing with one or more of these people so we thought you might like a little background on them. You’ll see they each have some of the following capabilities, plus an extra shared magical quality:

  • Operations experience (we “get” the real issues in franchising).
  • Formal psychology training (we apply behavioural sciences rigour to our work).
  • Client-centric (we’ll listen and deliver what you want, not what we want).
  • Facilitation and presentation skills (we know how to fully engage a group).
  • Training design and delivery (we deliver real learning outcomes).
  • Systems thinking (we look for how all the pieces fit together).

And the extra magical quality? We genuinely care about the well-being of our clients and their businesses. It is at the core of our culture and what we stand for.

Greg Nathan CFEFounder

Greg Nathan

Greg is an international thought leader on people issues in franchising. He is a registered psychologist and is regularly invited to deliver keynote addresses at franchise sector conferences around the globe. Greg started life in franchising as a multi-unit franchisee and later worked as Head of Marketing and Operations for the Brumby’s franchisor, today a public company. He is the author of five popular franchising books, including Profitable Partnerships, that have sold over 100,000 copies. He has also developed a number of ground breaking models such as The Franchise E-Factor. In 2003 the Franchise Council of Australia (FCA) presented him with the inaugural National Contribution to Franchising Award in recognition of his pioneering work in franchise education and research. In 2014 he was inducted into the FCA Franchising Hall of Fame.

Greg is a passionate guitarist and often goes missing in action while traveling in search of unusual stringed instruments to add to his collection.

Jewli TurierCEO

Jewli Turier

Jewli makes things happen and is one of the more exuberant members of our team. She particularly has a gift for helping our team and our clients perform to their potential. Jewli comes from the hands on world of franchise operations and, before joining FRI in 2012, had 12 years experience supporting franchisees and franchisor executives in Australia and overseas. As well as being an excellent CEO for the business, she is an exceptional facilitator.

Quirky by name and quirky by nature, Jewli always manages to light up a room with her natural enthusiasm for, well, just about anything! With our crazy business and five kids to manage, it's not surprising she has been known to don her Wonder Woman costume for special occasions.

Louise BroekmanChair of Advisory Board

Karli Furmage

Louise has great experience in franchising, including founding the successful HR Coach International Network. Louise has a strong focus on building sustainable business practice through her research, and has been the recipient of several business awards including the FCA Queensland Business Woman of the Year and EDIA Entrepreneurship Award. Her cool, strategic head helps us to prioritise the 101 things we are always wanting to do.

Louise loves international adventures and volunteering for meaningful projects. With a backpack always close by, she will often be found hiking up a mountain or serving people fresh water at the Woodford Folk Festival.

Katrina VoBusiness Systems Manager

Katrina Vo

Kat is our go-to girl for all aspects of the business, especially our IT systems, and heads up the Nathan Profiler team. As with many of the FRI team, Kat has an undergraduate degree in psychology and a variety of real world experience gained from helping her family with various businesses from a young age.

When Kat is not busy organising chaos at FRI or enjoying fine food, she coaches a mixed futsal team, which have been know to win the occasional finals match.

Alex ConinghamSurvey Manager

Alex Coningham

Alex is in the final stages of completing a PhD in Psychology, as well as leading our Franchisee Satisfaction Survey team. Prior to settling on a career in Psychology, Alex had a practical and varied career working in retail management, telecommunications, and hospitality. Alex has a geekish streak which he applies through constant innovation to our survey instruments, and is always up to date with latest gadgets and technology.

When he’s not working deep in the coding for our survey, you’ll hear Alex banging out some amazing rhythms on his Cajon (that’s a fancy type of drum).

Jenna RobsonLearning and Development Consultant

Jenna Robson

Jenna is our resident Learning and Development Consultant. Having completed her Degree in Adult Education she found her calling! Jenna has a strong management background in the retail and hospitality franchising industries. She is an engaging facilitator who always takes a genuine approach in her work.

When Jenna isn’t working she is embracing her passion for photography.

Ann NathanPublications Director

Ann Nathan

Ann has a degree in English literature and for many years worked as a Research Fellow at Monash University’s Department of Higher Education. She loves to read and is addicted to crosswords and Sudoku. Ann looks after our publications division, so if you are ordering books by phone or through our web site, chances are she will be looking after you. She has the dubious honour of being the partner of our Founder and thinks there is a real opportunity for franchise companies to be more environmentally conscious.

Magda WesselsExecutive Manager to Founder

Magda Wessels

Magda has a Bachelor’s degree in Communications, as well as extensive experience in training coordination and executive level support. Magda enjoys the hustle and bustle of helping clients and building strong relationships is her passion. She has been charged with supporting our Founder with his busy workload so if you are working with Greg Nathan, you’ll also be working with Magda.

Magda loves the outdoors, always planning a trip somewhere and preferably in the middle of nowhere.

Jaymee Seeto-GuyEA to CEO

Jaymee Seeto-Guy

Jaymee is the youngest member of our team. What she lacks in years she makes up for in wisdom. And she needs it because she is EA to our fast paced warrior CEO, Jewli, who needs a wise, organised assistant. Jaymee is also our Chief Customer Feedback Officer, so if you work with us you will be getting a call from her to find out how we did. You’ll find her to be a great listener so tell her everything!

When Jaymee is not running after Jewli, she loves to let loose on the Karaoke floor. And then recover by chilling out with her family.

Adrian SunnersBookkeeper

Adrian Sunners

Adrian is our numbers man. He is quiet, considered and intelligent. He’s also extremely persevering, so if you owe us money, watch out! Adrian is completing his Masters of Business at QUT and contracts his services to us through his own business, Thinkplicity. (They are very good — plug plug).

When he’s not crunching the numbers, Adrian loves whizzing around in his BMW 135i, especially at Queensland Raceway Track Days.

Alexis MitchellOperations Support

Alexis Mitchell

As well as a Bachelor of Psychology Degree from California State University, Alexis is a qualified personal trainer. Her interest in psychology and training stems from her experience as an elite soccer player at the Queensland Academy of Sport where she learnt the value of mental focus and goal setting. Prior to joining FRI Alexis worked as a field manager for a chain of health clubs in the USA. She is passionate about helping people perform to the best of their ability including her team members at FRI. Whatever products or services you use, chances are Alexis has contributed in some way to ensure your experience is a good one.

When not working or coaching young kids in soccer, you’ll find Alexis practising her new hobby, the saxophone. If she’s not doing that don’t bother looking because she will be off fishing in one of her secret locations.

Ree-Anna ChatmanSenior psychologist and Client Relationship Manager

Ree-Anna Chatman

Ree-Anna is a registered psychologist with extensive experience working with hundreds of franchise brands. She has been integral in developing many of our products and has a deep insight into what drives a healthy franchise relationship. She is an engaging facilitator and presenter with an outstanding ability to connect with both franchisor and franchisee audiences. Ree ensures the needs of our clients are properly understood and that we have all bases covered.

Speaking of bases, Ree-Anna is also a State Level Softball Coach with a keen interest in applying the principles of sports psychology to business success.

Professor Chris JacksonResearch and Development Consultant

Chris Jackson

Chris is Head of the School of Management and Professor of Psychology at the Australian School of Business, University of NSW. He is an expert in the design and use of psychological tests and works with our R&D team on the development and validation of our products. Chris’s energy and enthusiasm for psychology is infectious and his discussions with our team always result in new and valuable insights.

Chris has developed one of the world’s most respected learning styles questionnaires, “The Learning Styles Profiler”, (see

Advisors and Consultants

We are also grateful to the following people for their invaluable consultancy support:

Stacey Parker is a lecturer in psychology at the University of Queensland’s Schoolf of Psychology and a guest member of our R&D team, ensuring our research is maintained at world class standards.

Paul Howson from the Design Group is a designer and technology consultant who helps us with our website, email marketing and online tools.

Michael Burke our accountant from Burke Advisory Chartered Accountants ensures our financial and tax affairs are kept in tip top shape.

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