Our Story

What We Do (and What We Don’t Do)

The Franchise Relationships Institute (FRI) has been in business for 29 years, helping franchise networks to build and maintain profitable partnerships. This is where:

  • Franchisees run profitable businesses, serve their customers with passion, and work collaboratively with each other and their franchisor, and
  • Franchisors run a profitable business, provide credible leadership and useful support for their franchisees, and have a sound strategy to protect the brand.

Our ongoing research program into the psychology of successful franchising has established us as a global leader in understanding the factors that drive excellence from both a franchisee and franchisor perspective. Most of these relate to leadership, relationship management and cultural factors unique to franchising.

FRI’s research has enabled us to develop franchise specific publications, courses and tools to help franchisors do a better job in selecting franchisees, and maintaining a positive, collaborative culture. Our unique database also enables us to assist franchisors to benchmark their performance on important psychological metrics predictive of long-term success and sustainability.

Half our team have a psychology background and half a franchise operations background. This keeps us grounded and focused on delivering products services that are relevant and effective for our clients. While we serve both franchisors and franchisees, and pride ourselves on our impartiality, it is usually the franchisor that engages our services.

We are not in the business of helping franchisors to maximise short-term profits at the expense of their franchisees, nor of helping franchisees to combat their franchisor. If we believe a client has a destructive agenda we will not work with them, or will first work with them to modify their agenda.

We do not offer general franchise consultancy services. There is an abundance of businesses offering these services. Similarly we do not offer marketing, finance, legal, digital or IT advice as there are plenty of experts in these areas.

What we do is conduct quality research, develop excellent products and deliver inspiring education programs that empower franchisors and franchisees to collaborate and maintain a competitive edge.

FRI has now served over 500 franchise networks in 14 countries. We feel privileged that thousands of franchisor executives and franchisees draw on us each year to inform, inspire and guide their work.

Our Reputation

We have always been, and will continue to be, in franchising for the long haul. As such we seek to build lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. This sounds like a cliché but it’s not.

Because we strive to make a genuine difference to our clients’ businesses and lives, most of our work comes through word of mouth. Most of our clients continue to use our services every year and recommend us to their colleagues in other franchise companies. This helps us to focus our attention on doing the business rather than getting the business. It also lowers our marketing costs and enables us to charge fair and reasonable fees to our clients.

In 2016 the Franchise Council of Australia awarded FRI the highest honor for a company supporting the Australian franchising sector — Supplier of the Year.

John O’Brien, CEO of Poolwerx who were awarded the 2016 Established Franchisor of the Year, describes FRI as “the most outstanding thought leader, research organization and innovator on the people piece of franchising in Australia, and probably the world.”

Aziz Hashim, a former Chairman of the International Franchise Association (IFA) has also said “I have the privilege to work with many teams on my speaking engagements and I can say without hesitation that the FRI is the very best.”

Our Values

The Franchise Relationships Institute was created to make a positive difference to the lives of the people who work in the global franchising sector. We believe it is possible to do good and do well, providing we remain committed to our values.

We have three brand values that we want to be known for, and every small and large decision we make is guided by these.

Thought leadership: to always be at the cutting edge of what’s needed to succeed in franchising.

Simplicity: to ensure everything we deliver is easy to understand and makes practical sense

Integrity: to be honest and never exploit a situation or person.

We also have a seven cultural values that guide the day to day work of our team. (Yes it’s a lot and it sets a high bar, but these have all been important in enabling our small team to “punch above its weight” and deliver consistently on our brand values).

Artisan’s eye: bringing excellence and beauty to every detail in every project.

Servant heart: genuinely connecting with people to help them.

Good judgment: thinking it through and making sound decisions.

Down to earth: being honest and comfortable in your own skin.

Centred: staying calm, positive and looking after your health.

Growth mindset: studying and seeking feedback on how to improve.

Make a difference: being proactive, courageous and speaking up.

Community Involvement

For the past 29 years, the FRI team have consistently donated time and money to community, business and educational projects. These include:

  • Lecturing to students at universities and supervising psychology graduate students.
  • Sharing our research at franchise sector conferences and events.
  • Sponsoring and conducting research into the people issues in franchising.
  • Donating funds to worthwhile community groups, projects and educational institutions.
  • Organising forums, summits and conferences to promote the sharing of ideas on topical issues.
  • Contributing time and resources to franchising sector advisory committees.
  • Collaborating and providing mentoring support to franchise sector colleagues.

We Get the Clients We Deserve

We believe in the power of franchising to help people gain financial independence, express their drive to achieve in creative ways and put something back into the community.

A business tends to get the clients, collaborators and advisers it deserves. If you relate to our approach, we look forward to working with you.

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