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Same size as a standard business card.

7 tips for franchisors and 7 tips for franchisees.

An excellent talking point for conferences and meetings.

A great reminder of what drives success.

Supplied as pack of 50 cards for $AU25.

Prices and Discounts

Quantity Price per Pack
Pack of 50 cards $25

These pocket prompters are the same size as a standard business card and will fit easily into a wallet.

Each card contains fourteen powerful strategies that create profitable partnerships — seven for franchisors on one side and seven for franchisees on the other:

Strategies For Franchisees

  • Set specific goals that motivate you — and review them regularly.
  • Use your franchisor’s expertise to help your business achieve its true potential.
  • Communicate concerns by focussing on your specific needs and solutions.
  • Commit to the business and take responsibility for its performance.
  • Enjoy your work and deal with everyone in a pleasant manner.
  • Support your brand — maintain high standards of presentation and service.
  • Share ideas with other franchisees and participate in meetings and conferences.

Strategies For Franchisors

  • Show strong leadership and be clear on your mission, values and goals.
  • Understand your franchisees’ aspirations and provide them with useful support.
  • Communicate regularly with franchisees and consult them on significant issues.
  • Commit quality time to listening to franchisees’ ideas and concerns.
  • Enthuse others through your positive example and your “can do” attitude.
  • Stick to your commitments and be fair in your dealings.
  • Seek to improve franchisee profitability through constant innovation.

These Pocket Prompters are ideal for handing out to existing or prospective franchisees. (Hint: keep a supply in your pocket or wallet.)

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