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The man they rated 99%, training the most boring subject on Earth

Imagine a room full of 42 seasoned franchisor executives sitting through an intensive day of training and giving the presenter a 99% satisfaction rating. What makes this statistic truly astounding, is his topic was Financial Literacy Skills, what some people would argue is the most boring topic on Earth! 

Allow us to introduce Rod Bristol, Executive Vice President of Profit Mastery who ran this session as part of our recent Franchise Operations Conference. We were so impressed with his performance we have invited him back to present at the National Multi-Unit Summit on August 24th.

Rod really does an amazing job when training franchisor executives and franchisees in how to manage their numbers. Not only does he deliver with wit and enthusiasm, his content is revolutionary, particularly the way he shows people how to use financial ratios to improve profitability and free up cash flow. And as we all know, if you want your franchisees to grow with confidence, they simply have to be all over their numbers.

Rod will be delivering two session at the Summit. The first is a keynote on Franchisee Performance Groups, which is where franchisees meet together four times a year to share their finances, set goals and hold each other accountable. Franchisees in Performance Groups outperform their peers by over 40% in sales, profitability and cash flow efficiency!

Speaking of profitability and cash flow efficiency Rod's second session will be a 2 hour workshop on Maintaining Healthy Cash Flow and Profitability When in Growth Mode. Multi-unit franchisees in particular will find this workshop invaluable.

Profit Mastery are the global thought leaders in making financial literacy training practical, fun and relevant. They are also pioneers in developing the Performance Group concept for the franchising sector. If you want to learn about these vital topics from a true master, register for the Multi-Unit Summit today. We have an amazing group of presenters and panelists. Last year this Summit booked our early so we urge you not to leave your registrations too late.

Franchisee or franchisor — you be the judge!

It is often argued the mindset of a franchisee needs to be tactical while the mindset of franchisor needs to be strategic. When it comes to multi-unit franchising, this distinction is not so black and white because multi-unit franchisees need to shift from working IN their business to working ON their business.

In the case of Kylie Roberts, the distinction is even more blurred. Not only is she an award winning multi-unit franchisee with endota spa, running some of the country’s highest performing franchises, she is also co-founder and franchisor of the Aleenta Barre franchise group. When we asked Kylie if the experience of being a franchisor had made her a better franchisee, she flipped this around. “Actually, being a franchisee has made me a better franchisor” she said, adding that this has given her more empathy for her franchisees.

Kylie pioneered the expansion of endota spa into the South Australia market with a long time business partner. After getting their three endota spas into shape, Kylie went looking for a fresh challenge and, with another business partner, co-founded Aleenta Barre, a franchise concept providing Yoga, Pilates and barre exercise.

Kylie believes it is vital for business owners to plan ahead for the inevitable stages in the business lifecycle so they can keep themselves ahead of the curve. She says this includes keeping yourself and your business fresh through constant reinvention.

At the Multi-Unit Summit, Kylie will be sharing her tips for staying fresh and building a team that’s capable of growing with you. She will also talk about her lessons in creating successful business partnerships, a vital skill for multi-unit franchisees who often grow by bringing young partners into their businesses, or combining forces with other successful franchisees.

If you are a multi-unit franchisee based in or around Australia, you might want to get yourself along to this event, which will be held in Melbourne on August 24. You can find out more on this site.

How to keep your best franchisees “Green and Growing”

The majority of franchisees in Australia are in a stage of maturation, where they have been operating for more than 6 years and know more about the day to day operations of their business than most of the franchisor people who support them. These mature franchisees are often at risk of “rust out” due to complacency or frustration that the business has lost its sense of challenge for them. They can then lose focus or leave the business, which means the brand loses their extensive knowledge, experience and capability.

Poolwerx, the current FCA Franchisor of the Year, has developed a unique strategy for keeping mature franchisees in the green and growing zone. They call it their Career Path in Business Franchising. Poolwerx CEO, John O’Brien, says this strategy is a key driver of the company’s sustained growth and success.

In a fascinating session at the Multi-Unit Summit, John will reveal details of the Career Path in Business Franchising model. He will also share valuable lessons from their journey from being a “man and van” franchise to now having over 100 sophisticated multi-unit operators with various hub and spoke operations.

You’ll learn about the various models Poolwerx has tried, what has worked and what hasn’t, and hear some great best practice tips from one of Australia’s most respected franchisor executives, who is also a member of the prestigious Franchising Hall of Fame. John’s tips will be a value to both multi-unit franchisees and franchisor executives.

Lessons in growth from this year’s international mentor

Dr David Hood knows a thing or two about growing successful franchise networks. As Head of Franchising for Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, he personally led its growth from one to 650 stores, while helping hundreds of franchisees to evolve into successful multi-unit owners. Under Dave’s leadership, the network also had an enviable reputation for strong franchisee profitability and healthy franchise relationships.

Today Dave is President of the iFranchise Group, widely regarded as the world’s leading franchise consulting firm. Dave also sits on the Board of Harris Research, a franchisor with over 2,500 franchisees, expanding by 200 franchises annually.

Dave is participating in this year’s Summit as our international guest mentor. He will be available to answer participant questions and will deliver several sessions on best practice multi-unit growth strategies, relevant to both franchisees and franchisors.

Dave has a soft spot for Australia, as he spent his early career years completing his PhD at the University of Tasmania. He is looking forward to returning and sharing his experience with local multi-unit franchisees and the franchisor executives who support them. This is an invaluable opportunity to pick the brains of one of the world’s leading franchise experts, who has worked with 98 of the top 200 USA franchisors.

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