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Ensure Your Support Office
“Gets” the Franchisee Mindset

Running a franchise network in today’s uncertain business environment can be stressful for both your franchisees and your franchisor team, particularly if your business is going through change (and whose isn’t?) This pressure can lead to misunderstandings in communication and erode the trust which is so important for a successful franchise relationship.

These half day Culture of Franchising Workshops are designed to efficiently equip your Support Office Team with the skills and understanding to respond to franchisees in a positive, empathetic manner. They include interactive discussions, case studies and skills practice and cover:

  • The 6 stages of the franchise E-Factor.
  • The psychology of healthy relationships.
  • What franchisees want from their franchisor.
  • Tips for diffusing difficult situations and conversations.
  • How to avoid the common mistakes that frustrate franchisees.
  • How to get franchisees to willingly comply with important policies.
  • How to maintain a respectful, empathetic relationship under pressure.
  • The franchisee business life cycle and different types of support they need.

Workshop Dates

Brisbane August 20th 9am to 1pm
Sydney August 22nd 9am to 1pm
Melbourne August 24th 9am to 1pm
Perth August 28th 9am to 1pm

Background to the Workshops

The current Parliamentary Inquiry into Franchising has put the spotlight on the importance of a healthy franchising culture. So franchise networks need to ensure, more than ever before, that their Support Office Teams are doing the right thing to effectively support their franchisees. This workshop is based on extensive research into what franchisees need and expect from their franchisor team, and will teach your support teams how to have more empathy and confidence when dealing with franchisees, particularly under pressure.

Ultimately, a healthy franchising culture with mutual respect between franchisees and the franchisor team, will not only protect your brand, it will also help your network to maintain its competitive edge. The workshops are led by highly experienced members of the FRI team who have extensive practical experience supporting franchisees.

Workshop Materials and Cost

Participants will receive:

  • A learning journal with reference materials and space to record notes, insights and action plans.
  • A signed copy of Profitable Partnerships by Greg Nathan, the world's most popular text book on the franchise relationship.
  • The cost per person including all learning materials is just $295.
  • For your convenience, we are taking the workshop to each major State of Australia, however it can also be run in-house for larger franchisor support offices.
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