FRI Wheel of Excellence

Franchisor Excellence Masterclass

With Greg Nathan
Melbourne, 20–21 May, 2019

Two-Day Program

Monday 20 May


Informal Networking and Light Breakfast

Get settled for 2 days of high powered, interactive learning


Orientation and Identification of Hot Issues

  • Introductions, how we’ll work together
  • “Group Scoop” to identify hot issues

The Science of Franchisee Satisfaction

  • What turns franchisees into promoters or detractors
  • Strategies to improve collaboration with franchisees
  • How to build trust and prevent conflict or disputes

Best Practice Sharing Group Discussions

  • Improving the effectiveness of FACs
  • Working with independent franchisee associations
  • Actively involving franchisees in group meetings
  • Using franchisee survey data to improve satisfaction
  • Improving two-way communication at the group level
  • Managing disputes, conflict and difficult situations
10.45am Morning Coffee Break

Leading with the Brain in Mind

Guest Mentor: Josie Thomson, author of The Wise Advocate

  • New research insights on how to make better strategic decisions
  • How to manage the pressures of leadership in uncertain times
  • Using neuroscience insights to bring out the best in your people
1.00pm Lunch

The Psychology of Getting Buy-in to Change

  • Why franchisees get defensiveness and how to manage this
  • How to communicate new initiatives to get engagement
  • Techniques for getting buy-in using FRI’s change framework
3.30pm Afternoon Coffee Break

The Science of Growing Sales & Boosting Customer Satisfaction

Michael Barnard, Customology & Michael Momsen, RateIt

  • New research insights to drive sales at the local level
  • Using behavioural economics to keep customers coming back
  • Ensuring franchisees are giving customers what they want
5.00pm Close

Tuesday 21 May


Staying Relevant and Profitable in Disrupted Markets

Guest Expert: Brian Walker, The Retail Doctor

  • The truth about how online is impacting on the retail sector 
  • Trends in technology and changes in consumer behaviour 
  • Strategies and best practice to meet changing customer needs

How to Protect Your Network in the Current Climate

Rod Young, DC Strategy & Stephen Giles, Norton Rose Fulbright. Pete Burdon, Franchise Media Training
(Interactive panel with solution-focused discussions)

  • Lessons and insights on why the sector is on the nose
  • Warning signs and tips on how to keep your brand safe
  • Protecting your network from likely challenges on the horizon
11.00am Morning Tea

Protecting Growth Targets Through Smart Recruitment

  • How to increase new franchisee enquiry and conversion rates
  • Tips and techniques for selecting quality franchisees
  • Best practice for growing using a multi-unit strategy
1.00pm Lunch

Delivering Effective Support to Your Franchisees

Best Practice Sharing Group Discussions

  • Tips for managing culturally diverse franchisees
  • Tips and traps when supporting financial distressed franchisees
  • Delivering higher level support to multi-unit franchisees
  • How to keep mature franchisees fresh and engaged
  • Strategies for ensuring field consultants are adding value
  • Customising support for franchisees at different lifecycle stages
3.15pm Break

Cultivating a Healthy and Optimistic Franchise Network

  • Research on what drives a healthy franchising culture
  • Checking the health of your network using FRI’s diagnostic tools
  • Reflections and action planning to maximise ROI on learning
5.00pm Close

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