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Greg Nathan, Founder and Jewli Turier, CEO

Welcome to FRI’s 2020 Professional Development Program

To succeed as a franchisor you need to train your entire support team on what franchisees want, and equip them with the skills and confidence to deliver this in a cost-effective manner. FRI's innovative franchisor education model has been carefully designed to meet the needs of three important groups.

FRI’s courses are widely regarded as the best in Australia because they are:

  • Full of cutting-edge content from business psychology and franchise research.
  • Delivered by practitioners who have a depth of real world experience.
  • Highly interactive with the opportunity to discuss actual challenges.
  • Attended by high calibre franchisor executives from top brands.
  • Practical and relevant to the hot issues facing franchisors.

This is why top franchisors consistently choose to send their teams at all levels to FRI's targeted courses.

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2020 Programs By Date

Date Location Event
February 25–26, 2020 Melbourne

Field Manager Bootcamp — Foundation

May 25–26, 2020 Melbourne Franchisor Excellence Masterclass
23–24 June, 2020 Sydney Field Manager Bootcamp — Foundation
July 21–22, 2020 Sydney Field Manager Bootcamp — Advanced
August 24, 26, 28, 2020 Brisbane
Culture of Franchising Workshops Roadshow
September 8–9, 2020 Brisbane Field Manager Bootcamp — Foundation
October 27–28, 2020 Melbourne Field Manager Bootcamp — Advanced

2020 Programs in Detail


August, 2020

Culture of Franchising Workshops

For anyone who interacts with franchisees as part of their work.

Gives Support Office people an understanding of the franchisee mindset, and how to communicate effectively with empathy.

Topics include:

  • Stages in the franchisee lifecycle
  • Understanding the psychology of franchisees
  • How to diffuse difficult situations
  • Common mistakes that frustrate franchisees
  • Getting compliance to important policies
  • How to turn franchisees into advocates

Workshop leaders: Greg Nathan and Jewli Turier have deep, real world experience on how to effectively support franchisees.

Format: 9am - 1pm (half day)

Cost: $295 per person

Brisbane August 24, 2020
Melbourne August 26, 2020
Sydney August 28, 2020

May 20-21, 2020

Franchisor Excellence Masterclass

For C-level franchisor executives responsible for creating strategy or leading divisional teams.

Provides senior franchisor executives with quality networking and the opportunity to have meaningful discussions with peers and experts on hot topics and trends.

Topics include:

  • Succession planning strategies for mature franchisees
  • Managing the negative impact of stress on franchisees
  • Best practice in gathering feedback from franchisees
  • Improving the effectiveness of consultative committees
  • The scientific drivers off franchisee satisfaction
  • Strategies to improve ROI from conferences
  • The 6 dimensions of a healthy franchising culture
  • 20 evidence-based attributes of effective franchisors
  • Hot emerging trends impacting on network viability
  • Getting franchisee buy-in to unpopular changes
  • Best practice franchisee recruitment strategies
  • Adapting franchisee support to suit different experience levels

Masterclass leader: Greg Nathan with a team of experts.

Format: Two full days

Cost: $850 per person

Melbourne May 25–26, 2020


Foundation Field Manager Bootcamp

For all franchisor executives who support franchisees in the field.

Equips field support people with the tools and techniques to drive performance.

Topics in the Foundation Program:

  • 8 functions of the field manager role
  • Coaching to improve franchisee performance
  • Structuring visits for maximum effectiveness
  • How to quickly build credibility with franchisees
  • Managing the 6 stages of the Franchise E-Factor
  • Strategies for dealing with the stress of the role

Bootcamp leaders: Jewli Turier or Greg Nathan.

Format: Two full days.

Cost: $850 per person

Melbourne February 25–26, 2020
Sydney June 23–24, 2020
Brisbane September 8–9, 2020


Advanced Field Manager Bootcamp

For all franchisor executives who support franchisees in the field.

Equips field support people with the tools and techniques to drive performance.

Topics in the Advanced Program:

  • Supporting franchisees on their business journey
  • The neuroscience of the franchise relationship
  • Techniques to enhance personal performance
  • 10 habits of effective field managers
  • Mastering the 9 vital financial management skills
  • LAM strategies to help drive sales
  • Negotiation and conflict management skills

Bootcamp leaders: Jewli Turier or Greg Nathan.

Format: Two full days. Foundation is a prerequisite for the Advanced program.

Cost: $850 per person

Sydney July 21–22, 2020
Melbourne October 27–28, 2020

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