IT'S LIKE FRANCHISING'S BIG DAY OUT — two exciting days of learning and networking just for the field team.

If you came last year and think "Been there done that", think again!

This 2nd Annual Field Manager Summit has a totally fresh program developed by a team of field and operations managers based on the real challenges they face evey day. Like:

  • Having difficult conversations,
  • Keeping meetings constructive,
  • Getting buy-in to new initiatives,
  • Helping franchisees improve profitability,
  • Saying “no” while maintaining the relationship, and
  • Deciding which franchisees to focus on.

These highly interactive sessions will also tackle emerging issues such as engaging with franchisees from non-English speaking backgrounds, implementing the latest coaching techniques and using social media for learning and communication.

Plus there will be an exclusive leadership dinner for Operations Managers on how to support their field teams for high performance.

Multiple Cities Means Convenience and Cost-Savings

Sharpen Your Systems and Processes

While effective field managers can deliver better franchisee results and higher revenues, to guarantee top performance you must invest in the professional development of these people. This year's Field Manager Summits offer a perfect, cost effective solution.

This is also your opportunity to recheck and update your own franchise support processes with current trends.

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How It Works

You can choose to attend in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane. These 2-day events consist of a “Forum” on Day One and “Masterclasses” on Day Two.

DAY ONE FORUM has an action packed program of panels, case studies, seminars, round tables and small group seminars. Expect lots of lively and engaging discussion.

DAY TWO MASTERCLASSES deliver high level practical input by leading experts on critical topics for improving performance:

  • Facilitation skills for managing conflict and running effective franchisee meetings.
  • Coaching skills for motivating franchisees to set goals and implement action plans.
  • Financial Management skills for assisting franchisees to stay on top of their business.
  • Social Media & Social Learning for enhancing communication and franchisee engagement.

These each run for a half day so participants can attend a choice of two.

What Your Team Will Learn

  • How to build credibility and quickly gain the confidence of franchisees.
  • Strategies for working with unmotivated, angry and challenging franchisees.
  • Enforcing compliance while maintaining harmonious franchise relationships.
  • How to improve the performance of struggling franchisees AND high achievers.
  • Tools and skills for staying organised, saving time and delivering superior results.
  • How to engage franchisees from non-English speaking cultures.
  • How to have useful financial discussions that drive improved profitability.

Sounds Great — What Do I Do Now?

We expect all the Masterclass sessions to be fully booked so please don’t delay in registering your team. Click below to view the detailed program and to register.

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Watch this 1 minute video to see what to expect at the Summit
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