How to Support Flood Affected Franchisees

Franchisors wanting practical tips and strategies on how to support their franchisees affected by the floods will find our new Franchisee Support Kit useful. Click here to download the kit for free from our web site.

We caution franchisors against thinking that once the mess has been cleaned up, it's the end of the story. While the water may have receded and debris cleaned away, the physical clean-up is only the first step in a long process to rebuild franchisee confidence and financial stability. A few tips:

  • Do not assume franchisees will access the help they need. Ensure the franchisee’s immediate needs are met; that they are safe, have somewhere to stay and have money or vouchers for essentials such as food.
  • Daily contact is recommended in the first few weeks — even if it’s just a call to ask how the day went. hen regular checking in over the next six months to ensure the franchisee is motivated, focused, and has the ability to run their business.
  • Check if you can provide support at a practical level by negotiating with insurers and suppliers.
  • Look at resetting all targets, budgets and break-evens on the business with the franchisee.
  • Be sensitive and compassionate. Now is the time to show appreciation to your loyal franchisees.
  • Encourage other franchisees to provide help and support.
  • Remember that emotional support is just as important as business support.

The goal of the Kit is to provide guidance on assisting franchisees to assess their current situation, create a plan of action to minimise the commercial damage to their business and, if possible, rebuild. Click here to download the kit for free from our web site.

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