Best Franchisor Leadership Tips Ever

I was recently debriefing the leadership team of an award winning franchise network on the results from their latest franchisee satisfaction survey. As part of our debriefing process we share best practice tip sheets on each area. While we were going through the area of leadership, the President suddenly exclaimed “These are the best leadership tips I’ve ever seen!” He was so enthusiastic I thought I’d also share them with you here. If you are part of a franchisor leadership team, you might like to rate yourself.

  1. Be reliable with commitments, get back to franchisees promptly, and keep them updated on the progress of actions you have agreed to.
  2. Be frank and transparent on how decisions are being made, and share data and facts that support these decisions.
  3. If you cannot meet a request, say so. Provide a straight forward but respectful “no” with an explanation of why this is not possible.
  4. Seek input from reputable consultants when important strategic decisions are being made, and reassure franchisees you have sought top quality advice.
  5. Don’t get defensive when explaining decisions or answering pointed questions from franchisees. Remember they often have a huge commercial and emotional investment in what you do.
  6. Be accessible and supportive if a franchisee is seriously in need of help, and be seen as trying to do the right thing.
  7. Be considerate of your franchisees as people, and check in with them from time to time to see how they are going.
  8. Be consistent in your dealings, and avoid the perception that some franchisees are favourites or getting special benefits.
  9. Respect confidences and any sensitive personal or private information that is shared with you.
  10. At every opportunity remind franchisees you care about their success and profitability, and communicate you are there to support them.
  11. When changes or decisions are being made, explain how franchisee success and profitability has been factored into the process.
  12. Do a “State of the Nation” address to franchisees annually, including the group’s achievements, challenges, goals, and your expectations around culture.
  13. Actively seek feedback, listen carefully and set an example of how your leadership team is constantly learning and trying to improve.
  14. Be professional in speech, dress and conduct, including at conferences and social events, and don’t get too “chummy” with franchisees.
  15. Show brand leadership by maintaining an active involvement in industry association committees and events.
  16. Stay up to date with trends and changes to your industry, and demonstrate you are investing time and resources to protect the future of your network.

How did you go? Practise these franchisor leadership tips and I guarantee you’ll improve the satisfaction of your franchisees, and the performance of your network.

By the way, if you are interested in objectively and scientifically measuring the satisfaction of your franchisees, please get in touch.

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