Don't be a Franchise Zombie!

I just watched a zombie movie on the plane. I'm by no means an expert on zombies but it appears, besides attacking and eating people, their most frightening characteristic is an inability to think or feel. They just trudge around mindlessly most of the time. I mention this because many of us occassionally act a little like zombies in how we engage (or perhaps don't engage) with the world. Read entire post

Business Lessons from the Vikings

There was once a general who led an invasion of boats to a foreign country. As his troops readied themselves on the beach for battle, he ordered that all the boats be burnt. This was his way of removing any thought of retreat as an option. It proved to be a winning strategy. Read entire post

The Blonde That Almost Got Away

I experienced a familiar thrill as I walked through the door.  The taxi was coming back for me in 60 minutes so I needed to move quickly.  While my formal mission in Canada was to deliver two conference presentations for Stuart Erskine, CEO of Declare Brands, I had snuck off to indulge my travel fetish. Read entire post

What Dogs Can Teach Us About Leadership

A long standing franchising colleague, Stephen Giles, emailed me the other day saying he was amused to receive some information about a course promoting "emotional intelligence" as the new big thing in corporate leadership. Stephen commented it sounded very familiar to what we have been teaching at the Franchise Relationships Institute for the past 23 years. Read entire post

Why Multi-Unit Franchising is So Hot

My last tip referred to some US trends that provide a peek into the future of Australian franchising. One of these is multi-unit franchising. A couple of weeks ago over 1,000 multi-unit franchisees and franchisor executives came together in Las Vegas to learn and share ideas at a special multi-unit conference. I asked one of the presenters, Steve LeFever, for his top three take outs. Read entire post

A Peek into the Shape of Things to Come

You haven't heard from me for a few weeks as our CEO, Karli Furmage, and I have been at the International Franchise Association Convention and subsequently working with several USA clients. Because the USA franchising scene tends to be the shape of things to come, I thought you might enjoy a summary of some observations and trends. Read entire post

Greg Nathan is a psychologist, author and an international expert on the franchise relationship. Connect with him on Google+ or Linkedin.

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