The Secret Path

Last week my 98 year old mother-in-law, Joan, travelled interstate to hang out with her sisters, who are 100 and 96. Joan has lived alone in a large rambling house in the outer suburbs of Melbourne since her husband died 50 years ago. She plays competitive Bridge every week and regularly wins the “red spot” with her young 80 year old partner, Anne. Twice a week she also looks after the nine year old daughter of a neighbour who has to work late. Read entire post

Why Bullies Make Bad Leaders

I recently watched “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”. It’s a movie about two styles of leadership — one based on love, the other based on fear. Caesar, the thoughtful, alpha male Ape finds himself up against the cunning and ambitious Koba, who seeks to dislodge him as leader. Caeser’s leadership style is calm, firm and fair. He is profoundly respected by the tribe and motivated by a deep commitment to their safety and long-term prosperity. Koba is a bully, motivated by power, insecurity and resentment stemming from his unhappy past.  Read entire post

The Man Who Wouldn’t Leave His Phone Alone

I have just completed an enjoyable three day franchise leadership program in Malaysia with a group of franchisors. At the beginning most participants were staring into their smart phones so I delivered my usual sermon. I explained, according to brain science, the moment they read or send a message on their smart device, their mind virtually leaves the room, which means they may well miss something useful or important. I also pointed out, due to the interactive nature of the program, it would be disrespectful if they chose to focus on their devices rather than their peer discussions. Read entire post

Be the Solution to Email Pollution

I notice there is a lot of advice for coping with the growing onslaught of email pollution, but little on how we can each be more responsible, non-email-polluting citizens. Here are a few suggestions to make reading your emails a more pleasant experience for others: Read entire post

A New Franchisee Tipping Point

Most franchisors are currently preparing their plans and budgets for the new year. In recent weeks we’ve also been talking with franchisor executives about their priorities for 2015 and the hot trends as they see it. The results so far have been very interesting. Retention and development of Operations Teams has been a consistent priority. Why is this more important now than in other years? Read entire post

Are You a Giver or a Taker?

Last week I had the opportunity to participate in an online interview with a talented young research psychologist from Harvard called Adam Grant. Adam is the author of the best seller, “Give and Take”. His big question has been whether it pays in life to be generous. According to his research, there are broadly three types of people: Givers who genuinely try to make a difference; Takers who are basically just out for themselves; and Matchers (the most common type) who do a bit of both but generally try to act fairly. I found this question of whether it pays to be a Giver an interesting one because I know which type I think is the most successful in franchise communities. Read entire post

10 Proven Ways to Recruit Quality Franchisees

Franchise recruitment is complex if it is done well. You need to simultaneously play the role of salesperson, life coach and HR selection person. Last month FRI invited two respected franchisee recruitment experts to tell us everything they knew about how to increase the quantity and quality of enquiries from prospective franchisees. Joe Mathews and Thomas Scott from the Franchise Performance Group were open and gracious in sharing their research and experience. I’ve listed below 10 of the evidence based strategies they shared over three webinars. Read entire post

The Elephant that Flew

This Tip opens and closes with an elephant story. The first is a traditional tale that reminds us, all is not as it seems. The second is a sad, but uplifting story about a baby elephant called Max. Read entire post

Building Rock Solid Relationships

In 1981 a young musician called Shane Howard made his first journey to Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, that magnificent red monolith in the middle of Australia. He was so transformed by the experience he wrote a song — a moving, hard driving song with a catchy riff and a deep message that’s been etched into the minds of several generations of Australians. The song “Solid Rock” is today widely regarded in music circles as one of the top 20 Australian songs of all time. Read entire post

Whoops Wrong Person!

Recently I was sitting on a tram quickly checking through my emails. I forwarded one particular email to one of my team with a comment at the top. Well I thought I forwarded it. But I actually pushed the Reply button without realising it. The following morning the original sender emailed me back a note on what I’d said, which he assumed was meant for him. Luckily my original comment had been complimentary, which is not always the case! Read entire post

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