FRI runs Advanced Field Manager Bootcamps

FRI continued its passion for the development of field managers by delivering its new Advanced Field Manager Bootcamps (FMBs) in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney in May. Over 120 field managers, business developers and franchisor executives attended from 18 different franchise companies, all seeking to take their professional develop to a deeper level of mastery.

The Advanced FMB provided powerful new tools to help participants influence and engage franchisees faster and more deeply. Along with Greg Nathan and Rob Camm from FRI, guest master practitioners developed skills in important areas such as financial management (Steve LeFever and Rod Bristol from Profit Mastery) and local area marketing (Mark Cario, The Marketing Revolution).

Over 2-days, participants were actively involved in gutsy round table discussions, interaction workshops, video case studies, skill practice role plays, an external field trip to local businesses and large group presentations. Throughout the Bootcamp, FRI challenged, encouraged and motivated participants to take their learning and skill development to new heights. Topics included the new CORE Model, application of REMO with challenging franchisees, learning strategies in the field, advanced facilitation techniques and solution-focused coaching, profitability and cash flow analysis, local area marketing strategies and action planning.

Along with is predecessor program, the Foundation Field Manager Bootcamp, the Advanced Bootcamp was one of the first programs in Australia to receive the Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) accreditation by the Franchise Council of Australia and the Institute of Certified Franchise Executives.

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