IFA Convention Gets Group Scooped

Participants in a Franchise Relations Summit, part of the 2015 IFA Convention, had the opportunity to contribute their best practices using FRI's Group Scoop process. Greg Nathan facilitated the second half of the Summit with a full room of 170 franchise executives.

The Group Scoop is a process developed by FRI that enables everyone in a large group of people to contribute equally to the topic under discussion and efficiently have their ideas or thoughts efficiently captured. The process is ideal for franchisee group meetings and conferences, especially if there are contentious issues that need to be addressed.

Prior to the Summit six hot topics were selected for exploration and 14 facilitators each led a group to identify their best practices in relation to one of the topics.

Greg says the energy in the session was fantastic with everyone totally engaged for nearly two hours. The outcomes from each group have since been edited and typed up by the FRI team and made available to all franchisors globally as part of the IFA's Franchise Relations library.

Photo of participants at the 2015 IFA Convention
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