IFA Seminar — “Measuring, Building and Maintaining Franchisee Satisfaction”

This was a one hour presentation to the IFA Convention at Palm Springs. Greg Nathan spoke to 250 or so participants. Over 80% rated the session as “excellent” and many stated it was the highlight of the IFA convention for them. Read entire post

Launch of New “Effective Field Visits” Training Workshops for Field Consultants

Our new workshops program, based on the book, “The Franchisor’s Guide to Effective Field Visits”, was delivered in the USA to the operations team of the Primrose Franchising. We have been continuously updating this program in response to detailed participant feedback and now believe it is the best of its kind in the world. Read entire post

Franchisor Forum on “Culture Driven Performance”

This was a full day forum where 130 franchisor executives met together to share their experiences, listen to research and discuss ideas on how to build a people-friendly franchising culture. A team of respected colleagues and consultants helped facilitate this fascinating day of interaction and learning. Read entire post

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