FRI contributes to new Malaysian Franchise Summit

The Malaysian Government sponsors a franchise development agency called PNS which has the mission of promoting franchising within Malaysia. In November 2013 Greg Nathan delivered the closing keynote address at PNS's inaugural Franchise Summit in Kuala Lumpur, attended by over 300 delegates. FRI also delivered a full day Franchise Relationships Masterclass to 40 senior franchisor executives, organised by PNS prior to the Summit, as well as participating in a dinner with former Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir.

FRI launches Nathan Profiler V3

As part of FRI's commitment to the development of evidence based tools that promote high performance in franchising, we have launched a significant upgrade to the Nathan Profiler franchisee recruitment tool. The Nathan Profiler version 3 draws on the findings from our Franchisee Success study, a large global research project which sort to understand why some franchisees perform better than others. Read entire post

FRI contributes to Australian CFE launch

To support the launch of the 'Certified Franchise Executive' (CFE) program to Australia, FRI conducted a special workshop at the FCA's National conference on the Gold Coast. The workshop, titled 'The science of achieving franchise excellence', summarised FRI's research in this area. Participants included a significant number of franchisor executives from the USA who commented on how valuable they found the session. At the conference Greg Nathan, founder of FRI, was also awarded his CFE, making him the first Australian to receive this qualification. Greg has been working towards this since 2004, when he started making annual trips to the USA to attend accredited courses. Read entire post

Profit Mastery Bootcamp

FRI was proud to present for the first time in Australia, the Profit Mastery Bootcamp, conducted by the program’s Founder, Steve LeFever (Seattle, Washington, USA). The two-day intensive course held in Sydney was attended by 32 franchise executives eager to build greater business acumen for themselves and their franchisees. Read entire post

FRI Multi Unit Summit launch

Our 4th National Multi-Unit Summit program held in Melbourne in late May 2013, was a successful 2-day program, full of highly focused interactive sessions to help franchisors and franchisees build, execute and maximise the success of their multi-unit programs. This year we streamlined the Summit program to better meet the unique needs of franchisors and franchisees. Read entire post

FRI launches Journey to Excellence

To meet the needs of franchisors to develop and maintain a well informed and internally aligned leadership team, FRI launched the Journey to Excellence program - a carefully crafted leadership program supporting franchise executives with expert knowledge and proven strategies to protect the competitive position of their business. Developed by Greg Nathan and the team at FRI, the program is based on FRI’s research and work with hundreds of franchise brands around the world. Read entire post

Sharing FRI's Know How With Our Canadian Cousins

Over 300 members of the Canadian Franchise Association got the scoop at this year's annual CFA Convention, with Greg Nathan delivering hot off the press research findings from our latest study. In the closing plenary address, titled "Lifting the Lid on the Science of Franchisees Success", Greg shared the biggest predictors of franchisee success, based on franchisee profiling and performance data from over 2,000 Canadian, Australian and New Zealand franchisees.  Read entire post

FRI Facilitates USA Franchise Law Institute Colloquium

Greg Nathan spent a day in Atlanta facilitating a colloquium of 22 of the best and brightest USA lawyers and consultants. The topic was “How can Franchise Regulation in the USA be Made More Efficient and Effective” Greg was invited to facilitate because of his skills as an outside facilitator with a broad knowledge of franchising and no agenda to push. Read entire post

Pilot Research Study into Bricks and Clicks

In the lead up to our recent "Bricks and Clicks" Forum we ran a research project in partnership with PhD student, Zhanna Kremez, from Griffith University. This involved interviews with 40 senior franchisor executives from a range of industries. Each executive was asked about current or future online sales strategies for their franchise network.  We discovered some interesting trend.  Read entire post

Helping Franchisors Harness the Power of "Bricks and Clicks"

The team at FRI have been concerned for some time about the impact the Internet is having on retail businesses in the franchising sector. So we decided to organise a one day Forum for franchisor executives on the topic of "Bricks and Clicks – Making Your Online Presence a Profitable Partnership." (Bricks of course refers to bricks and mortar retail stores while clicks refers to the internet.) Our goal was to get 70 franchise sector leaders and online retailing experts in a room together for a day to share their experience and insights on best practice in this area.  Read entire post

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