Powerful Insights into Franchising Success

This frank interview hosted by Tim Reid from Small Business Big Marketing contains powerful insights on what it takes to succeed in franchising. Whether you are a franchisee, franchisor or a consultant to the sector we think you’ll find the interview interesting and provocative.

Sectioned into 11 themes for easy listening.

1. The roles of franchisor and franchisee

2. The secret to building profitability quickly

3. Challenging conversations

4. The benefits of buying into an established brand

5. “Brand Passion” and other success factors

6. Why franchisors put restrictions on their franchisees

7. Harnessing the power of collaboration

8. What good franchisor leadership looks like

9. How to prevent brand contamination

10. Profile of a successful franchise group

11. Building a business through profitable partnerships

About this interview
Greg Nathan and Tim Reid were both presenting at a Franchising Conference, Greg talking about Profitable Partnerships and Tim talking about Local Area Marketing. It was a meeting of like minds and Tim, excited by Greg’s message, invited him onto his popular radio show, Small Business Big Marketing.

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