Notice from R&D Team

Sorry folks but we have temporarily closed participation in the Franchisee Success Study while we analyse the huge amount of data we have collected so far. A big thanks to the franchisor companies and thousands of franchisees who have participated to date. Stay tuned for information about the findings. (We are discovering some exciting stuff!)

Get Real Scientific Data on What Drives Success in Your Franchise System

“As we all know, a large part of each franchisee’s success comes down to the person. The 2011 Franchisee Success Study builds on previous research by our team of psychologists and seeks to further identify the personal attributes that make the biggest difference to performance, success and also satisfaction. We anticipate the findings will be of enormous benefit to franchisors and their franchisees as well as the global franchising sector. Anyone who has worked with my team knows the quality of our work and the commitment we have to franchising best practice. So I encourage all serious franchisors to participate and enjoy the benefits of this important study.”
Greg Nathan, Founder, Franchise Relationships Institute

Benefits to Franchisors from Participation

Improved Franchisee Performance & Satisfaction

Participating franchisors will have access to powerful information to improve the effectiveness of their franchisee recruitment, training and on-going support practices. The study will also identify the factors that promote strong, healthy franchise relationships.

Access to Franchising Best Practice

Participating franchisors will be invited to attend an interactive Webinar or Seminar on how the research findings can help to achieve franchising best practice. Talk directly with the research team, have your questions answered and discuss insights with other franchisors.

Free Study Research Report

Participating franchisors will also receive a Full Research Report that contains the study's key findings. The Research Report is valued at $790 but wil be made available free of charge to franchisors that participate in this important study.

Free Individual Franchisee Profiles

Each franchisee who completes the survey will immediately receive a personalised Business Improvement Profile outlining their strengths and any opportunities for improvement. The Profile also contains a Success Strategies Report and is valued at $95. Franchisees will also have the opportunity to enter a draw for $1000 cash.

Get a Valuable Customised Report

If you are a franchise system with at least 80 franchisees, we encourage you to sign up for a Customised Franchise System Success Report that will contain insights into the factors differentiating high and low performing franchisees in your franchise system. This additional report, available for just $1800, would normally cost over $8,000. You can use this data to develop targeted interventions for improving the recruitment, training and support of your franchisees (see Option 2 below).

Our research team of psychologists can also conduct further analyses on your data to provide detailed, in-depth insights into the factors that may be impacting on the performance and satisfaction of your franchisees. (See Option 3 below.)

Choose an Option that Suits Your Needs

What You’ll Receive Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Free Business Improvement Profile for franchisees
Free Report “55 Success Strategies” for franchisees
$1000 Cash prize draw for participating franchisees
Free Research Findings Webinar or Seminar
Full Research Report and White Paper
Customised Franchise System Success Report with extra insights into your specific data
Further, detailed in-depth analysis and reporting on your franchise system data
Cost of Participation Free $1800 Contact Us

Minimal Time Commitment

Participation is easy and hassle free. You just need to encourage your franchisees to complete the confidential online survey (we provide you with an email template to send them) and fill out a simple rating scale on the performance of each franchisee. If you are a franchisor and wish to register your interest, please complete the form below.

“What are the most important factors for franchisee success? I am confident this survey by the Franchise Relationship Institute will give us some of the best pointers ever. We look forward to the positive contribution I am sure this research will add.”
Steve Wright, CEO, Franchise Council of Australia

“We welcome scientific research that helps us understand the factors that can improve franchisee success and satisfaction. We look forward to the results of this new research project by the Franchise Relationships Institute.
Lorraine McLachlan, President and CEO, Canadian Franchise Association

“Two key factors that will influence the growth and success of franchising are the attributes of franchisees themselves and the franchise environments in which they operate. Well conducted applied research in this area can only add value to our franchising community and I encourage franchisors to participate in the 2011 Franchisee Success Study.”
Graham Billings, CEO, Franchise Association of New Zealand

Franchisors — Register Your Interest

Take a minute to complete the following form and we will be in touch. (Note that completing this form does not in any way commit your company to participate).

Need More Info to Make a Decision?

For more detailed information on the study download the PDF below. It explains the rationale, methodology, research team and the benefits to your franchise system and the franchise sector as a whole.

Thank you for your interest.

We appreciate the initiative and support of Silver Chef, DemingHill and Icon Law for coming forward to help us resource the 2011 Franchisee Success Study.

Conducting a quality research project of this size is a massive undertaking. If you are serious about contributing to best practice franchising and would like to also help us with this important research, we’d love to hear from you.