Increase Franchisee Engagement by Asking the Right Questions


Provides an ACE Mindset Index

Benchmarks results against franchise sector norms

Customised for your franchise operation.

Provides recommendations for franchisor management actions.

Free White Paper
“The Six Dimensions of Franchisee Happiness”
Receive a free White Paper that contains research findings on the six dimensions that drive an ACE Mindset.

Our new ACE Franchisee Satisfaction Survey provides you with powerful insights into what franchisees really care about. Every question has been rigorously tested to measure the factors that drive franchisee advocacy, commitment and engagement. We call this the ACE Mindset.

The ACE Franchisee Satisfaction Survey also measures the value franchisees place on the services you provide so you can maximise your return on investment. Plus you can benchmark your company on 28 specific areas that drive the ACE Mindset in franchisees.

You’ll never again have to wonder what your franchisees are thinking, or whether there is conflict brewing in your network. By giving every franchisee an equal voice, the survey minimises the “squeaky wheel syndrome” where a few franchisees create a lot of noise over issues that are not a concern to the wider network.

Finally and most importantly, by demonstrating a willingness to listen to franchisee feedback, the ACE survey delivers peace of mind to both franchisees and the franchisor leadership team.

Make informed decisions to maximise your ROI on franchisee support

The ACE Franchisee Satisfaction Survey will:

  • Provide you with objective feedback on the health of your franchise culture.
  • Tell you if franchisees are recommending your franchise and if not, why not.
  • Give you feedback on the performance of field support managers in specific areas.
  • Deliver insights on which resources and services are most and least valued by franchisees.
  • Help create action plans for improving franchisor service delivery.
  • Warn you of impending conflict so this might be prevented.
  • Measure franchisee intentions to sell their business so the impact of this can be minimised.
  • Enable satisfaction in different regions to be compared with national benchmarks.

What Clients Say About FRI’s Franchisee Surveys

“As the new GM in Singapore, I needed the Satisfaction Survey to transparently and professionally capture our issues. My franchisees have been good natured and my staff are also glad that everything is on the table. FRI’s follow up presentation with me at our conference also enabled everyone to buy-in to the process. We’ve all been focused on better communication and the mood of franchisees is positive and constructive. This has been an amazing breakthrough.”

Allan Menagh, General Manager, Kumon Singapore

“Extremely professional and committed to keeping us posted throughout the entire process.”

Michael Ermer, National Operations Manager, Retail Zoo

“It’s a great way to a) compare from previous data, b) get the areas you need to improve on and also in a positive way give really great stats to share with potential franchisees and owners.”

Maree Magdas, Corporate Marketing Manager, Just Cuts

“FRI understood what we wanted to achieve. I really enjoyed working with them on a successful outcome.”

Susan Skermer, Operations Manager, Hairhouse Warehouse

“Very responsive, knowledgeable about the overall survey process and a pleasure to deal with.”

Damien Gould, Founder, Telcoinabox

“The FRI team was amazing and very helpful.”

Heidi Bloom, National HR Advisor, Nando’s

“This survey process will help us improve our effectiveness as a franchisor. FRI have great experience with franchising and are extremely good at interpreting the results.”

Andy Lucas, Director, The Coffee Club New Zealand

“The communication throughout the project was outstanding.”

Helen Rogerson, National HR Manager, The Coffee Club Australia

“The FRI survey is the best way to get an independent reality check on the true health of your Network. The results will tell you what your franchisees really think of you and provide an action plan of what is most important.”

David Dilger, CEO, Banjo’s

“FRI always provides quality work and challenges our thinking to deliver a better result.”

Russell Stone, National Operations Manager, Wendy’s

“Good quality work — responsive and flexible.”

Angelo Di Paola, National Manager Commercial Management and Operations, Telstra Country Wide

“FRI delivers clear guidance and advice, strong support and provides a franchise industry context.”

Lynne Gallucci, General Manager — Retail Operations, Priceline

“FRI’s survey is an absolute must KPI for any franchisor. The insight it gives you into the mind set of your Franchise Owners is invaluable. Not only do they conduct the survey and give you an in-depth report, they also have the skills to work with you to develop to correct any issues highlighted by the survey.”

Bruce Myers, CEO, Lenard’s

“I have been very happy with FRI’s professionalism over the years I have dealt with them on our franchisee survey.”

David Bocarro, National Operations Manager, Hudsons

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